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Thanks to Abbie Rumble, Mia Stocks, Abdullah Zubair and Amelia Cameron for sharing their A-level revision tips in the latest edition of the Principal's Blog.

Diana Johnson Visits Wyke

First year Government & Politics students question Diana Johnson MP on Brexit, the challenges of being a female MP and the state of the northern railway network. Paul also had the opportunity to discuss the funding pressures that are impacting on all sixth form colleges.

Award Winning Students

Paul talks to a group of students at the Wyke Half-Termly Awards to discover their "blueprint" for success.

Paul's Christmas Blog

Paul talks to camera, live from St Mary's Church, Beverley - the location of Wyke's Christmas Music Concert.

Question Time

Student Executive President Lacey Tredilcook asks Paul questions on behalf of the students at Wyke.

1.In 5 years from now, how do you hope wyke will have progressed?

2.What is the best advice you can give to second year students sitting their A-Level exams this year?

3.What do you believe is the key to success in education?

4.During your time at college, what did you do to ensure you maintained a positive mindset and stayed on track?

5.What are the most important things to do when applying/preparing for university?

Get in Touch

Hello everyone,
I must admit to feeling some trepidation about taking on the baton of the Principal’s Blog from Jay.  I’m not sure that I will be able to match his breadth of influences for source material!  However, I am honoured to be able to talk to you all about life at our fantastic college and I am intrigued about where this opportunity to communicate with you all will lead.

Firstly, please do check out the video content on this blog.  Whilst this is meant to be a bit of fun I believe it can also play an interesting role in sharing ideas and thoughts about the college.  Please do get in touch with any questions you would like to ask for future vlogs and I will try my best to answer them! Please email your questions to

It has been very exciting to be involved with the first full month at the college.  Enrolment is a very busy but also exciting period.  We are getting to meet all the young people who are going to make the college wha…